We put self-expression first to get Gen Z hooked on temp tattoos

New York


Inkbox, maker of plant-based, semi-permanent tattoos, is embracing impermanence as a selling point for a young generation moving fluidly through identities. The “Big Ink Energy” campaign is built around a “tattoo transformation” musically-driven brand film featuring TikTok sensation Remi Wolf and her zany track, “Quiet on the Set.”

Watch the music video:

“To find out who you are as a young person, you need to experiment and move between identities.  Fashion, hairstyles, and accessories can help you do that, but Inkbox semi-permanent tattoos take it one step further. Inkbox taps into the desire to discover who you are and recognize that who you are is subject to change. Big Ink Energy is about having the courage to go on that journey.”

Emma Eriksson
Head of Creative, New York

Published 12.10.2022