The Political
Party Flower


Majblomman is a paper flower pin sold by middle schoolers in Sweden to raise funds for children's charities. Every year since 1907, in new colors.

Today, about 10% of Swedish children grow up in poor living conditions. Yet, none of the political parties in this year’s election have set the elimination of child poverty as a national priority.

The custom-made flowers pins.

To raise awareness of this alarming issue in the upcoming elections, we introduced eight new Majblommor – one for each political party. All party leaders received their custom-made party pin and an open letter, urging them to wear their pin if they present political reforms that reduce Sweden’s child poverty.

“It is our opinion that the vulnerability and rights of children are missing in the political debate. The Political Party Flower is an appeal to do better. All political leaders receive one, but the pin should only be worn by those who have a strong proposal on how Sweden should act on child poverty,” says Åse Henell, General Secretary at Majblomman.
Majblomman is an iconic symbol

“It changes color every year, yet it has such a strong recognition. This is the first time in their 115-year-old history that they ever lent out their symbol, which adds something extra to it all”, says Chanelle Kazemi, designer at F&B Gothenburg.

“Getting through to political leaders is hard, especially during elections. But our approach seems to work! Most party leaders have met Majblomman to receive their flower pin and some even put it on. But most importantly, Majblomman got to discuss child poverty with the people in power to change it”, says Daga Simonsson, copywriter at F&B Stockholm.

Published 12.10.2022