We’re Fair Pay Work Certified!

New York

Forsman & Bodenfors has achieved global gender pay equity and has been certified by Fair Pay Workplace for our ongoing commitment to equal pay for equal work.

“Working with an objective third-party partner is an important step to instill confidence and trust for our employees, clients and the industry”, says Michele Prota, Global Chief Talent Officer at Forsman & Bodenfors. “We never want pay to be a distraction. Employees in similar roles are paid similarly, regardless of identity. When the company performs well, and employees perform well - everyone wins.”

Forsman & Bodenfors partners with non-profit Fair Pay Workplace, whose mission is to dismantle pay disparities with the goal of achieving pay equity. 

“Our industry is great at celebrating the people who make the work so enjoyable. But this hasn’t consistently led to fair compensation. It’s been about negotiation and preference, favoring men over women in significant and cumulative ways. We have taken a stand and committed ourselves to correct historical biases and now we know that Forsman & Bodenfors pays everyone rightfully and fairly. I hope the industry will follow suit”, says Global CEO Toby Southgate. 

Starting next month, we will express salary ranges in job postings in every country we operate in across Asia, Europe, and North America. Another first for the industry. 

To ensure consistency and fairness in pay practices, F&B commits to the following five actions that are considered best-in-class by Fair Pay Workplace.

  • Analyze global gender pay equity every year.

  • Internally communicate the results of each pay equity analysis.

  • Never ask applicants about previous compensation.

  • Share salary ranges in job postings.

  • Ensure ongoing pay equity through fair pay policies.

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Published 23.08.2022