Finding your main character confidence

Big Ink Energy

Tattoos are normally a vehicle for self-expression, but for Inkbox, they’re just a trial product on the way to the real thing. Inkbox wants to change the perception of their temporary tattoos into must-have fashion accessories. So we delivered an idea that inspired unapologetic experimentation.

Your new summer obsession

In the summer of 2022, we introduced Big Ink Energy – a music video-led campaign set to Remi Wolf’s hit song Quiet On Set. It celebrated undeniable, main character confidence and told the story of Inbox’s transformative ability to express whoever you want to be, whenever you choose. We also created short-form content from the music video to tell bite-size stories. But we didn’t stop there.

A choreographed dance challenge with 10.3 billion views on TikTok

Our video featured a choreographed dance that later became a TikTok challenge. Surrounded by tattoo themes, creators could discover their own BIE as they danced to ‘The Shh’ and ‘The Mop’. We also showed up on Facebook and Instagram with GIFs that expressed different interests and subcultures.

Giant shoppable flash sheets

We took over murals, bus wraps, train wraps, wild-postings and more. These flash sheet-inspired designs featured different tattoos and were entirely shoppable. Visitors would just scan the code and head to, where they could shop tattoo collections inspired by the characters in the music video.