Burger King

The Eternal Taste Test

Impossible to tell the difference

Stubbornness can sometimes be a blessing. Other times, it's a recipe for disaster. Just ask this guy. What began as a playful taste test took an unexpected turn into a full-blown family drama.

Burger King wanted to introduce their new plant-based burgers to flexitarians – those meat-eaters willing to give alternatives a shot. The only problem was that many of them were skeptical about plant-based options, worrying about the taste. (And let’s be honest, how appetizing does ”plant-based” really sound?)

But here's the twist! Burger King's new plant-based burgers are a game-changer. They taste just as delicious as the meaty options – in fact, they taste so similar that it's practically impossible to tell the difference.

To bring this revelation to life, we featured a slightly overconfident guy who is challenged to taste which burger is plant-based. A task that turns out to be much harder than he imagined.