Where it all started, with a cheesecake ad in 1986. Back then, the office was about the size of a closet. Things have progressed slightly since – our current space was recently awarded the prestigious Kasper Salin award by Architects Sweden. Drop by for a tour and a chat. 


For many years, a Stockholm office was a big no-no for Forsman & Bodenfors. We liked the idea of being the underdog (Gothenburg being the equivalent of David and Stockholm the Goliath in this slightly twisted city version of the metaphor). But in 2004, we finally budged in. Good decision, as it turns out! Welcome.



Stora Badhusgatan 37

411 21 Göteborg

+46 31 17 67 30

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Kungsgatan 48

111 35 Stockholm

‭+46 8 411 77 11

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James Jenkins, CEO, Sweden


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