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Live Test Series

Changing the face of global B2B marketing

What if B2B marketing could be something beyond rational product persuasion? What if people who buy B2B products are actually humans, and what if we could strike an emotional chord with them? What if it was possible to reach not only the purchaser but the influential people around them? What if a truck could be the hero of one of the most famous viral films on the planet?

The Technician

The Hook

Volvo Trucks was launching a series of five new models and wanted to increase their market share through increased sales – all while they made a significant price increase.

The target audience are purchasers of commercial trucks, which is typically a mix of fleet managers, drivers, procurement, and finance people. This is a diverse group, and some of them are not the people actually using the trucks. As a result, they seek advice from a wide network of contacts: drivers, colleagues, workshop acquaintances, financial advisors, competitors, customers, friends, and even family members.

Focus on the core target group – and those who influence them.

We realized that a lot of influencers had an impact on the purchase decision – so we needed epic creative to make up for limited media budgets to reach this broad audience.

The creative idea was to carry out “extreme” tests of relevant product features, in a live setup where the outcome could not be guaranteed. This way, we could thrill and engage the widest possible audience while still providing a valid and relevant demonstration (for the core target group) of the new truck. Focus on the core target group – and those who influence them.

The Epic Split

The Hamster

Minimal spend – global reach

We decided to embrace the new media landscape and use YouTube as our main channel. The “Live Test Series” videos were launched on YouTube and backed by PR support. Press materials (press releases, photos, behind-the-scenes films, technical information, animation, illustrations, etc) were sent to bloggers, publishers, and news channels.

For each new film, the message was adapted to suit the segment and theme of the different media channels, so that the most relevant angle was used.

We needed epic creative to make up for limited media budgets to reach this broad audience.

Look Who's Driving

The Tower

Campaign results

Half of the viewers were more interested in buying a Volvo truck after viewing the Live Test Series.

Of those viewers more interested in purchasing, 2/3 took action and visited the website or contacted their dealer.

Despite an increase in product pricing, Volvo Trucks saw their market share grow by three percentage points.


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