No Compromises

How we introduced an unknown electric car brand by listing everything it’s not

Polestar was an unknown electric car brand trying to enter the US market. A market entirely dominated by Tesla, with tons of competition from legacy car brands.

Our task was to leapfrog all the established car brands and establish ourselves in the category conversation with Tesla. Creating awareness, curiosity and engagement for the brand. All through a 30-sec Super Bowl ad.

The “No Compromises” ad at Super Bowl introduced Polestar by defiantly telling people what we are against and, in the process, establishing the brand as a clear alternative to Tesla and the nonsense of the industry. 

Tesla was dominating the EV category, but there was one weakness: Elon.

Tesla was dominating the EV category, but there was one weakness: Elon. The brand is intertwined with Musk, and the decision to purchase a Tesla reflects people’s love (or not) for Elon. However, qualitative research and opinion polling revealed that many Americans were tired of his antics. 


EDO's Consumer Search Engagement confirmed that “No Compromises” performed 23 times better than the median Super Bowl LVI spot. According to Google Trends, Polestar was the 8:th most searched keyword during the game (outperformed only by the artists appearing in the half-time show). In terms of drawing the audience to the Polestar website, Polestar tracked 193K sessions on the day of Super Bowl and daily site traffic saw an average 280% lift for the rest of February (compared to four weeks prior).  

Not only did we intrigue America. We also got Elon Musk himself to tweet about us to his 74M followers, which started a memes war between Polestar and Tesla fans.

Polestar is a luxury design brand making premium electric cars.

They reject anything that does not help accomplish a brighter future for humankind. A bold stance draws the line for what is acceptable and sets a higher standard for luxury electric vehicles. 

Polestar doesn’t care how things have been done in the past. By questioning every detail about how a car should be designed, Polestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility.