Campo Viejo

Add Some Pasión

From generic bottle to emotionally relevant brand

Despite being the number #1 Rioja in the world, and an incredibly familiar bottle in the UK, other wines started to catch up with Campo Viejo. This changing competitor landscape was compounded by a lack of meaningful connection between consumers and the Campo Viejo brand, so this became our challenge - how to transform the brand from a familiar yellow label to something truly meaningful.

In a world of over-planning and over-manipulation, we find ourselves constantly pulled away from the present moment by the pressures of everyday life, leaving us stuck in a never-ending cycle of work, eat, sleep, and repeat. The freedom to embrace living in the now with passion and spontaneity has never been more invaluable. 

Our new brand world celebrates the Spanish way of life, where pasión is the key ingredient to an enjoyable experience. Our campaign portrays how when you add Pasión, simple can be extraordinary.


  • Over 2.8 billion impressions generated by the campaign
  • Exceeded social video view through rate benchmark by 205%
  • Strongest RealEyes testing ever recorded by the brand
  • +6% increase in global new customers, 5.5% increase in unaided brand awareness