Side Trip

Making Gojek the ultimate Plan B

Gojek is an Indonesian multi-service platform, including ride-hailing. It’s the country’s first Unicorn and beloved brand. However, things aren’t quite the same for Gojek in Singapore, where the ride-hailing market is dominated by the home-grown, regional monster – Grab. The category is competitive, with other well-established local players Comfort DelGro and TADA jostling for customers.

Gojek set out to change that by carving out a unique space for ourselves: that of reliable and approachable second choice. In a segment where people often compare between apps, our tongue-in-cheek film harnessed the power of entertainment to bravely challenge the bland segment and traditional competition, championing our drivers, cars and benefits to secure the position of Singapore's "other ride".

The drivers parody Pussycat Doll's hit song "Don't Cha" to convince riders they’re ready to be their most reliable, comfortable, friendly, affordable… second choice. With sass and class, they peddle the title of Singaporeans' official “other ride”, their “side trip”, the one they ping late at night when their main boo (a.k.a. Grab) bails on them.

“Everyone wants to be the best, the number one. It takes a brave client, one confident enough in the quality of its products and offers, to gun for the second choice space, especially in such unabashed, sassy style.”

Ivan Guerra, Creative at Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore



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