& All Differences

As a globally progressive, admired and innovative brand -  H&M has been struggling in China.

Forsman & Bodenfors Shanghai was tasked with developing a new brand campaign during the biggest celebration in Asia with a goal of shifting Chinese consumer perceptions of H&M by inspiring individuals and society to come together.

2020 was a disruptive year with the COVID19 pandemic globally and was further reflected in controversies over “differences” including movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter.  In China, this disruption was widely felt with the cancelation of Chinese New Year travel as most people were unable to return home due to travel restrictions and the fear of spreading the illness.  

For this year’s Chinese New Year, we developed an integrated campaign to introduce the new brand direction.  In a time intended to celebrate “togetherness”, we reminded everyone of the power of “&” as a celebration of the power of human progress.

We cast our film with influencers and everyday people who embody “different”. We utilized their social channels as a key part of the campaign to drive awareness and highlight the challenges everyone faces when returning home.

Celebrating differences versus celebrating celebrity. For the first time ever, H&M cast influencers and real individuals rather than Celebrities.

We launched our film and invited our cast of influencers to post their own “&” stories on personal social media accounts to amplify awareness as well as provide depth to the campaign.

Campaign Summary

We changed the way celebrity endorsement works in fashion for China. No celebrities, just real influencers with real stories resulting in H&M trending on Weibo Top 10 “hot topic” with over 240M views during the hyper competitive CNY period.