LG Connected Home

It's all connected

The future of connected devices and AI scares some people—many fear that technology drives us apart rather than bringing us together. 

We live in a world where everything is connected. What happens in the kitchen tonight affects how much time there is to watch the game, and how the game goes affects what happens in the laundry room and what happens in the laundry room affects what happens out in the world. LG technology is created with this connectedness in mind. 

LG connected home products are built with ThinQ technology to facilitate even greater connections at home—between appliances, but also between people. Because the good that happens here, affects the good that happens over there. 

Welcome to the LG Connected Home. 

From refrigerators to televisions, including washing machines and cell phones, this campaign represented the first time that LG Canada brought together innovative products from each of its divisions under one roof. In the heart of the campaign lay an emotional truth: the connections most important are those that we establish at home. 

Connection at the heart of the home. 

Set to a custom rewrite of a classic song, the story featured renowned chef Anna Olson and former Toronto Raptors player Norman Powell as LG brand ambassadors, showing how an integrated LG home makes Life Good. 

A connected campaign, at every touchpoint.

From a 30-second feature spot, cut downs highlighted specific LG products, and how they work together to improve your home life. 

Throughout the campaign, LG ThinQ is at work propelling the narrative along. It can be seen alerting our characters that the oven is ready for wings and that their favourite jersey is ready for the game, and more. 

Life’s good when your connected home helps people connect, too.

Campaign summary

From social to digital to in-store, Connected Home served as a connective tissue for all LG innovations, exemplifying the eco-system of convenience they build together. The message also worked to support LG Canada’s sports sponsorships, with contextual in-arena messaging throughout the Toronto
Raptors and Maple Leafs seasons.

For the first time, The LG Connected Home became a powerful brand platform for all of LG Canada’s consumer products, able to extend across business units and over the long term. The campaign’s modular approach and creative simplicity led to production efficiencies and adaptability.


While the pandemic drove sales higher across the home appliances category, the campaign helped LG pick up share, too. LG surged to #1 in home appliances brand share in Canada, and earned a year-over-year dollar share increase of 2.7%. All of the campaign videos achieved extremely high view-through rates and outperformed benchmarks. One skippable 30-second video exceeded the benchmark by 23%.