The Glenlivet

Original by Tradition

From traditional convention to epic disruptor

Whisky is known as a very traditional category. A drink for old, rich, white men, lacking diversity. Over the past years, The Glenlivet had lost its #1 market position and its relevance amongst a new generation of luxury consumers in key markets, the US and China.

That’s when we came in and created the brand’s new global platform ‘Original by Tradition’, celebrating the forgotten brand truth: The Glenlivet was the original single malt whisky and had a long tradition of breaking new ground in the category. At the heart of the campaign is an epic film that takes us on the journey of The Glenlivet’s history of breaking with tradition, traveling from one era in recent history to the next, showcasing a different protagonist breaking with a whisky-related convention of the time.

Originality and breaking conventions not only powered the actions of the brand, it also completely revolutionized the way the brand shows up. A new brand persona was created to drive distinction in the category. Boldly Unconventional became a North Star for the brand to challenge the codes and conventions of the category to appeal to a new luxury consumer.

The result was a brave move forward for The Glenlivet that redefined the whisky category. The visual expression of this is a new brand world, designed to live seamlessly in both digital and print.


  • 14.7% growth vs 4% category growth.
  • #1 single malt in the US.
  • Double-digit growth, reversing decades of decline.

The multi-panel design system is versatile and editorial in feel. The system allows different mediums to be combined, with single accent colours – in graphic and photographic elements – unifying each execution. Typography is big, bold, and confident. Branding is delivered solely via prominent packshots. Photography is taken in the moment; these are interesting, diverse people you’d want to hang out with. Boy do they dress well.