Cuffing Season

Heating up the holidays

As Canada’s #1 condoms brand, Trojan knows a thing or two about spicing up Canadians’ sex lives. Something Trojan also knows all about? The ever-revered Cuffing Season. Every year when the temperatures drop, young singles drop it all to find someone to make it through winter with. But with Cuffing Season coinciding with the busy Holiday Season, Trojan wanted to help make this year’s season easier than ever before.

Cue the draft.

Dating (like most things in life) can be ultra-competitive, especially during Cuffing Season when everyone is trying to find someone to sip hot cocoa and watch Elf with. So, we created the Trojan Cuffing Season Draft to help guide singles to their ultimate dating victories.

Inspired by the phenomenon of fantasy sports drafts, we created a four-round bracket that pitted the stereotypical characteristics of Cuffing Season dating prospects against one another.

Then, we asked our audience to vote on which one they'd rather take to the next round.

Using Instagram polls, Trojan’s followers voted for their choice of Cuffing Season picks to move forward into subsequent rounds. Then at the end of it all, we rounded up all their favourites in the post-season recap to end all post-season recaps.

Finally, for a few lucky players we even crowned them with their own Trojan Cuffing Season keep-sakes.

Partnering with a local embroidery, we created the perfect Trojan Cuffing Season memorabilia—a limited run of letterman jackets complete with on brand patches, colours, and finishes.

Not only did Trojan get to connect with holiday shoppers in a unique way that broke through the marketing clutter of the season, it also allowed Trojan to show its audience just how much it got the dating realties of today.

Now that’s a wrap on Cuffing Season if we ever saw one.

Campaign summary

By tapping into the cultural phenomena of cuffing season and fantasy drafts, Trojan was able to connect directly with its core consumer base during the cluttered holidays by speaking their language.