Wine Mechanics

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Branding an urban winery

Wine Mechanics is an urban winery situated in the heart of an old meatpacking district. The site includes a complete production facility (well, almost, since the grapes are grown elsewhere) plus a wine bar and eatery, where the food is inspired by the wine, not the other way round.

There’s a dusty old perception of winemaking that’s survived for centuries. We aimed to liberate Wine Mechanics from its shackles – by explaining that you can make great wine just about anywhere, even in an industrial estate. The name was a natural first step, signifying dedication and craftistry, deeply rooted in the city’s engineering tradition. A few well-chosen design elements tie it all together, creating the ideal vessel for each product to express its own distinctive character.

A brand that communicates its knowledge, quality and love to wine with enthusiasm for the experimental workshop.

Despite a cultural leaning towards grain- rather than grape-based beverages, Swedes are no strangers to sampling the nectar of the gods. Real insight into winemaking, however, is still the domain of the few. Wine Mechanics is on a mission to change that by offering a venue where it’s possible to gain first-hand knowledge in a convivial atmosphere. Did you know our grapes are picked off the vine and delivered by truck within 48 hours or less? Or that producing wine outside traditional areas allows you to set your own quality and taste standards?

Since its launch, Wine Mechanics has been lauded far and wide. The wines have received excellent reviews too, albeit not without sparking a debate on the laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages in Sweden

Each wine expresses its own personaility.


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