So You Can Human

Making the smart home more human

Drops of crumbs here. A spill over there. A last-minute visitor when the house isn't clean. Everyday messes snap us out of the moment and get in the way of life. Luckily, iRobot's home cleaning robots are here to help—because you have better things to do than clean! To accelerate Roomba's adoption worldwide, we turned a household name into a lovable character that millions of people welcomed into their homes. 

Roomba had a Kleenex issue. People called all robot vacuums "Roombas." This created a feature war in the category and made it hard for iRobot to command its price premium. Inspired by the global insight that cleaning holds people back from doing the things they really enjoy, we created the global brand platform "iRobot. So You Can Human." — our rallying cry to let the world's best robot vacuum cleaners do the chores and spend your new-found free time any way you like. 

I robot, so you can human.

Our campaign gave Roomba a voice, a playful companion that wanted to do its job well so you can play, sleep, eat, work, or workout more with the little time you have. Through a series of videos, social content, and digital media, we helped iRobot expand its global footprint and elevate the Roomba brand name.