Charge Up Your Beauty

Launching SK-II’s first-ever fashion collaboration

For young women, the festive season is the busiest time of the year. Faced with parties, gatherings and dinners, all with the constant pressure to always look her best.

So, we launched SK-II’s first collaboration with the iconic Japanese fashion house Maison Kitsuné. Together, they created limited edition bottles designed with the iconic Kitsuné fox, turning every woman’s skin into her ultimate fashion accessory.

To bring across the idea of "Charging Up Your Beauty", our campaign featured a larger-than-life version of Chinese actress Qiu Tian, alongside the Kitsuné fox, on a journey through a whimsical day and night world, brought to life with two 10m² miniature sets.

The bottles sold out in Japan, with some even making their way onto resale sites, a testament to their irresistible appeal.