One Step Further

The Concept

Craft is a swedish sportswear brand, that has been around since the 1970’s. For a long time they were synonymous with skiing and base layers, but during the recent years their focus has shifted to running, and more specifically trail running. Their shoes are considered to be some of the best on the market, but the brand was still quite unknown in the trail running community.

We were asked to develop a communication concept for Craft, that should embrace the essence and their position as a ”rebellious premium running brand”. Something that would resonate with professionals, athletes and exercisers. And a starting point for communication and activations that would make them stand out in the category.

Whether you aim to run during the lunch break or to break records, running is all about the mentality. The willingness to keep going. Based on this insight, we created the concept ”ONE STEP FURTHER”. It became a powerful way to summarize the entire brand. Helping athletes to go one step further. Taking tech and innovation one step further. And so on. Always with a direct and honest tonality.

This concept has then been activated through lots of different initiatives.

Craft Beer

If you’re a dedicated runner, you’re no stranger to the post-run beer. A way to celebrate after a tough race, relax with friends after a training session or just wind down after your weekend long run. Making it an established ritual of running culture.

That’s why Craft decided to team up with the Swedish brewery Spike, to make the ultimate post run beer. By optimizing it with all the extra nutritions, minerals and vitamins that your body need to recover in the best possible way.

The Ultimate Guide To Gothenburg Half Marathon

Every year the world’s biggest half marathon takes place in Gothenburg. There are a lot of guides, tips and strategies out there for how to run it, so with this print ad in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, we wanted to remind people about what really matters: put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll make it.

To Survive in The Wild

The Pro Endurance Trail shoe is the ultimate shoe for those who love to run extreme distances in nature. Great comfort and stability combined. So this print ad doubles as a survival guide for the wilderness. Because when equipped with the Endurance Trail shoe, there’s a risk you end up running a little too far. 

Campaign summary

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