The Ultimate
Guide to Running


Running footwear and apparel company Craft is launching the Ultimate Guide to Running: A 240-page long coffee table book containing only two phrases: Right foot. Left foot.

The running world is flooded by books and magazines promoting different truths, ironically turning something as beautifully simple as running into something complicated. This book works as an antidote and celebrates the simple nature of the sport.  

“We wanted to explore what the essence of running was. And after digging deep, drawing from our collective experience being in the running business for over 40 years, we have poured all we know about how to become a great runner into this book. And the conclusion is, even if it is hard to admit, that it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear or what the logo on your shirt says. As long as you repeat putting your left foot in front of your right foot, you’re running”, says Niklas Moberg, Head of Brand at Craft.  

Whether it is cold, dark, hot, raining, or snowing. One foot in front of the other.

The Ultimate Guide to Running is an ode to the running mindset and the fact that it doesn’t matter how you run, as long as you do it. Always putting one foot in front of the other, no matter if you are just out for an evening jog or if you are trying to break world records. Whether it is cold, dark, hot, raining, or snowing. One foot in front of the other. 

“To turn only two phrases into something interesting to read and look at throughout 240 pages was a great design challenge that took around ten months to complete. We worked with typography, turning big blocks of text into their own shapes, photography and premium materials, and then turned all those expressions together into one beautiful, rhythmic experience. Just as when you are running” says Martin Joelsson and Chanelle Kazemi, designers at Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg.

“We always strive to get to the core of any topic we work with. In this case, we worked closely with Craft to identify what they and all runners have in common. To find the least common denominator. When we found that core we decided to celebrate that by implementing it in words and design. Repeating left foot, right foot in different ways, with different design elements and in different design environments”, says Karl Risenfors, creative at Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg. 

The book has a preface by legendary long-distance runner Tommy “Rivs” Puzey and was launched in NYC during the New York Marathon together with the running store Fleet Feet. The Ultimate Guide to Running is available at

Published 24.01.2023