The Chocolate Bar

Renowned Chocolatier Chef Savors Baileys Newest Liqueur

To launch Baileys Chocolate, a new chocolate liqueur, we partnered with the Internet’s reigning King of Chocolate, Amaury Guichon. Amaury is a Swiss-French chocolatier, based in Las Vegas, who has a combined 55 million social media followers. He creates amazing sculptures entirely out of chocolate.

So, we challenged him to create his biggest piece to date: a chocolate bar. No, like a bar bar! From the bar to its seats to its tools, coasters, and garnishes, everything was made entirely out of Belgian chocolate. The bar became the centerpiece for our commercial, as well as a real bar for the Baileys Chocolate launch party. To keep Baileys Chocolate top of mind, we also created eye-catching 3D billboards in high-traffic areas in LA and NY. 


To date, the campaign has 33.4 million views and 751.2 million earned media impressions. Demand for Baileys rose 91% after the product and our advertising launch. Baileys Chocolate was also rated the #1 new product on Drizly in Q3 of 2023. 

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Published 21.09.2023