Not why, but how

Fair Pay Workplace Certification

As the only global creative to have achieved Fair Pay Workplace Certification, we’re on a mission to bring pay equity to our industry. 

In the summer of 2022 after a nearly 5-year journey, Forsman & Bodenfors became the first global creative agency to achieve Fair Pay Workplace Certification. We were awarded ‘Fair Pay Workplace Certification’ across our collective, including confirmation of gender pay equity in every office. And we’re here for anyone who wants to make the same commitment.  

“We have an active dialogue with a cohort of people, representing a wide range of businesses from independent and domestic to public and global, engaged in the conversation. For the first time, people showed an interest in HOW we got here, rather than why. And we're grateful to have the chance to share our story,” says Global CEO Toby Southgate.  

“We hope other leaders commit to pay equity, and we will celebrate when they do. It's a process that represents real progress for an industry that’s great at talking about change, but too often finds itself making excuses for not actually changing. Like many things, the hardest part is taking the first leap. We’re here for anyone who wants to get started,” says Grace Hart, Head of Operations. 

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