The Shuffle Ticket 


Live Nation and Luger, the leading live entertainment companies in Sweden, are celebrating the live experience by launching a completely new type of concert ticket.  

The Shuffle Ticket is a scratch ticket that gives two people a randomly selected concert experience. It’s a chance to experience international artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Weeknd, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys, as well as Swedish acts like First Aid Kit, Molly Hammar, and Gyllene Tider. A club gig with The Chats, or a festival pass to Lollapalooza Stockholm and Way Out West are also among the hundreds of events that are in the mix. 

“Putting a playlist on shuffle is a great way to discover new favorites, so why not do the same with live shows? We hope many young people will find their new favorite artists”, says Emilie Olsson Lignell, Project and Campaign Manager at Live Nation Sweden.

The Shuffle Ticket is created to remind people of the magic created between artists and fans and those moments that were suddenly inaccessible during the lockdown. The idea aims to highlight all kinds of live concerts and engage younger fans in what may be their first live experience.

“During 2022, ticket sales went up again after two years of a negative trend caused by the pandemic. People are eager to hear live music again. Our new ticket encourages young people to be a part of a new concert experience”, said Mattias Behrer, CEO at Live Nation Sweden.

Christa Murley, Project Manager at concert organizer Luger

“We hope ‘The Shuffle Ticket’ will give young people the chance to discover new music in an exciting way.”
Published 31.01.2023