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A big part of the Forsman & Bodenfors culture is built around the importance of being nice. We all feel more relaxed and authentic around nice people, which is a good start. It is more likely that we dare to say crazy/stupid ideas around nice people as we won’t feel judged. It is also more likely that nice people will help us out if we get stuck.

Responsibility is also a strong motivator. That’s why we aim for small, autonomous teams and avoid doubling up on skill sets. Because when it’s up to you, everything feels more important.

You and your team are in charge. Success is in your hands and no one will stand in your way.

"But don’t you have leaders at Forsman & Bodenfors?" you might ask. We do. In every department. But not in the traditional sense, where the leader's opinion is the one that matters most. Our leaders simply help the team reach their own conclusions. Our leaders don’t add pressure. Instead, they relieve pressure by leaning in and helping out. In addition, you have over 380 other colleagues whose experience and skills you can benefit from.

What gets measured, gets done

We are committed to creating and fostering a collaborative, diverse and inclusive culture and work environment across the global collective. The richness of different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives creates world-class creativity. Diversity is what makes the difference. Inclusion brings us together.

Our strong dedication to building an inclusive work environment benefits our people, our clients, and our work. We believe our success as an organization depends on it. We’ve come a long way. But we have work to do to become as great as we aspire to be, and we’re committed to change.

The top reasons why employees continue to work at Forsman & Bodenfors have stayed the same year after year: Work-Life Integration, Gender Equality, and a Sense of Belonging.

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87feel like they have a good life-work integration
84feel they are part of a team
83are proud to work here
79feel they have enough autonomy to perform their job effectively
73believe the company values diversity
72 believe they can be their authentic selves at work