Native Women’s Resource Centre

4000 Cover Stories

Making sure the stories of Canada's genocide don't go unwritten

In Canada, Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-spirited people are 12x more likely to be murdered. There are over 4000 Indigenous Women and Girls missing and no one is talking about it on a national scale. The media underreports these stories and dehumanizes the victims.

The heaviest and most heart-breaking newspaper ever printed.

To get Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG2S) the attention they deserve we created a newspaper full of only of cover stories, 4000 of them. The 25 lb, 8 and-a-half-inch thick newspaper served as a solemn reminder of Canada’s genocide of Indigenous Women. The newspaper was delivered to the doorsteps of our leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The newspaper’s art direction was intentionally Indigenous, bringing a background of Indigenous symbolism to every page. The copy told each story with respect while still highlighting the various issues facing Indigenous Women. It told the stories of mothers, daughters, sisters and friends from their loved one’s perspectives, because Indigenous Women are not a statistic, and they are not disposable.

Campaign summary

To open Canadians’ eyes to the scale of the ongoing genocide against missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIWG2S), we created a newspaper full of only cover stories—4,000 of them—to give every MMIWG2S the media attention they deserved and tell their true stories. At 4,000 pages and more than 25 pounds, the newspaper was the largest and heaviest ever printed.


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