Seagram's 7

Cheers to the Regulars

Helping an iconic brand make an icon of the dive bar

Refreshing a classic whiskey. Bringing new life to a brand doesn’t always require drastic change. All it takes is a familiar insight. So we started with regulars, the backbone of dive bars. But then expanded that into something bigger: no matter where you go, you can always be a regular. From dive bars to lakesides, they exist wherever Seagram’s 7 is poured.

It's your spot.

Our most recent work brings the brand off-premise and celebrates the everyday places where regulars gather: our drinking spots. With comedian (and former bartender) Iliza Schlesinger returning from a previous campaign, a floating neon sign inspired by dives, and a suite of social to support, we honored the wild stories, stupid rituals and great friends that make our spots special.

Keep the dive alive.

In 2020, dive bars struggled to stay in business as their regulars stayed home. So when the time came, we invited them back in for a drink. The campaign celebrates the ‘regulars mentality’ and encourages support for local dive bars.

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