Where Cool Came From

Crocs socks

When Crocs approached us to help launch their line of Crocs Socks, we asked ourselves a simple question: who influenced the influencers that turned Crocs and socks into a fashion phenomenon? The answer is a campaign that honors the dads, store clerks, dog walkers and trailblazers who wore Crocs with socks way before anyone thought it was cool.

Crocs wanted to celebrate those who come as they are.

Crocs is all about helping you be your complete self, with no hesitation of expressing exactly who you are. So while Crocs and socks can be spotted in the runways of luxury fashion shows and in the feeds of celebrity social media pages, Crocs launches their own socks with a bold statement dedicated to the everyday people who rocked the iconic (and divisive) pairing long before the hype.

Together, we told the stylish story of what happens when these generations meet.

Campaign summary

We inspired Gen Z to celebrate the OGs and showed everyone that Crocs unite people from different walks of life. Even if we're different, we have Crocs in common.