Drinkable Garden

A Beautiful Stunt for Food Diversity

Yeo's has been preserving iconic flavours for over 100 years. Their flagship drink is crafted from the Hang Bai Ju chrysanthemum, but the world of chrysanthemums is much more diverse. And with each diverse flower, comes new unexplored flavours. To highlight the beauty of this diversity, we created a multi-sensorial display at the world's largest glass greenhouse.

The Drinkable Garden pays homage to the brand's iconic chrysanthemum tea, along with limited-edition flavours that were specially created just for the exhibtion. Over 10,000 variations of flowers were used to adorn the towering 4- metre vertical gardens; giving visitors an awe-inspiring first-hand look at the beauty of diversity.

“Our Yeo's Drinkable Garden is a reflection of the core values of our signature drink - real chrysanthemum flowers filled with aroma and flavour, brewed in its purest form with no compromise on taste - a true celebration of the best of our heritage combined with creativity and innovation.”

Ong Yuh Hwang CEO, Yeo's