Ontario Power Generation

Electrify Life, On and Off the Job

Showing OPG careers in a new light

A career at Ontario Power Generation is so much more than a job, it’s an opportunity to make a tangible impact on the lives of people in Ontario today, and into the future.

Electrified Job Postings

Whether on site at a hydro dam or in the boardroom of their head office, every role at OPG contributes to creating an electrified future. With this in mind, we wanted to elevate how we see these employees and get potential hires excited to apply.

With dramatic lighting and dynamic set designs we showed that a career is anything but boring. We used real OPG employees as our talent and by doing so ensured that everything we were showing, from the tools to the PPE, was accurate to that role.

We also created a variety of new “job titles” to run with our portraits that further underscored the wide-reaching impact and exciting opportunities that come with a role at Ontario Power Generation.

Campaign summary

Make Ontario Power Generation top of mind for job seekers in Southern Ontario by showcasing the potential of a career in energy production.


After just one month in market, Ontario Power Generation received a 150% lift in job applications. Year over year, they saw a 77% lift in applications. On digital, the campaign achieved 14.9MM digital impressions and “Jobs at OPG” was searched over 165,000 times on Google.