Little Flower Penny Dinners

Famine Foodbank

The mission

The shadow of hunger in Ireland, often thought to be a relic of the 1800s, persists into the present, lurking largely out of sight. Over 100,000 children go to bed hungry every night, 20% of parents skip meals to feed their families and the demand for food help increased by 70% in 2020. 

The solution

To highlight Ireland’s rampant food poverty, a food bank was installed in front of the most powerful symbol of hunger in Irish history, the famous Famine Memorial. Located on the quays from where ships full of starving people once departed, the haunting statues commemorate Ireland’s greatest human disaster, when more than one million people died and a million more were forced to emigrate.  

The hard-hitting installation, which invited people to donate to Little Flower via a QR code, provides a stark reminder that even though nearly two centuries have passed since the Famine, hunger remains a huge, ever-growing issue. 

The impact

  • +388% donations
  • +258% donors (94% new donors)
  • +20% new charity volunteers.



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