With great complexity, comes great reward

From cult brand, to the value of complexity

Aberlour is an iconic single malt whisky brand with a cult following amongst affluent 40+ men. Although well loved thanks to an incredible product, the brand lacked meaning, emotional connection and consistency. The whisky category has become obsessed with accessibility, a bright Instagram friendly aesthetic and claims like fruity and smooth – we identified a core and distinctive product truth at the heart of Aberlour to drive distinction, the complexity of the liquid thanks to a double cask maturation process.

This truth inspired a new brand POV, to embrace life’s complexities and a new brand platform ‘With great complexity, comes great reward’. A call-to-arms inspiring our audience to look beyond the obvious, to challenge assumptions  and to seek a deeper understanding of the world around them, in order to take a more stimulating journey through life. We created a new visual identity and a new, modern craft aesthetic for the category featuring an authentic, reportage black and white photography style as well as a new orange logo and annotations which highlight the complexity and truth at the heart of each message and image

The campaign has run through-the-line including 30s video assets, OLV, OOH and in-store, as well as becoming the driving force behind a pack redesign, Social Responsibility and new digital strategy.

Campaign summary

  • 28% increase in positive brand lift
  • 17% increased consideration
  • 2X out performed CPM vs benchmarks