Marie Curie

Good Death

From a lonely end to a good death

One in four people die every year without the care and support they need. And due to our ageing population, this will get worse. Marie Curie’s vision is to ensure everyone affected by death, dying and bereavement gets the best possible end of life experience, no matter their circumstances. A good death if you will.

To most people that sounds like an oxymoron. But we know that there are good deaths and there are bad deaths. A ‘good death’ might be when the dying person is empowered to do it on their terms. When they have the right support. And when their loved ones feel supported too. A good death could be pain relief or just someone to talk to. Whoever. Whenever. And whatever the illness, Marie Curie will be there. Because everyone deserves a good death.

Through a 90”, 60” and 30” TV campaign, we tell the real stories of loved ones and their families thinking about and curating their final months, weeks, and days that will be made that little bit easier with the support of Marie Curie. Raw, real, and unexpectedly upbeat, the film looks at death in a square, honest, and emotionally forthright way, inspiring us to do the same.