Ontario Power Generation

It’s Time to Recast Nuclear

Popping a negative pop culture narrative

Nuclear power accounts for more than 50% of Ontario’s energy mix yet, when most people think of it, they think of green goo, apocalyptic landscapes, and superheroes courtesy of radioactive spiders. The truth is that it’s safe, clean, and reliable.

Nuclear gets a starring role

Since so much of the misinformation about nuclear was coming from popular culture, our creative idea was to base the campaign in one of pop culture’s most iconic mediums – the movie poster.

Choosing to use the typical font treatments and heroic tone of movie posters, we brought the facts about nuclear power in Ontario to life in our campaign – Recast Nuclear. We drew inspiration from iconic movie poster designs across well-known genres, from drama and thriller to suspense and superheroes, to catch the eye of all kinds of movie fans.

Every movie needs a trailer

In addition to contextual poster placement, our full campaign included out-of-home, an audio spot featuring an iconic trailer voice, and of course, a 15-second teaser “movie trailer” that hit back at the nuclear tropes.

We even had box office competition

Launched in the summer of 2023, our campaign ran alongside two nuclear-themed blockbusters, Oppenheimer and the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and during the globally recognized Toronto International Film Festival – so all eyes were on nuclear energy in film.


Our campaign resulted in over 43.7 million digital impressions served, and significant reach on both YouTube and Meta (~4M each). The teaser trailer generated 5.58M completed video views across our online activity, and our audio spot was completed 1.28M times. Beyond the media significance, our client was recognized by national Canadian publications and category leaders as a breakthrough leader in advertising nuclear.

Campaign summary

With rising energy demands, Ontario Power Generation needs to get Ontarians onboard with nuclear. So, we took on nuclear energy’s negative pop culture narrative by recasting nuclear using an iconic pop culture style.