Mobile Living Made Easy

Not business as usual

Dometic is a global company offering solutions for mobile living – in the areas of climate, hygiene & sanitation and food & beverage – for use in recreational vehicles, boats and trucks. Some 8500 employees operate 20 assembly sites, and sell products in over 100 countries.
For many years, we have been a strategic and creative partner, helping Dometic on their journey from a traditional B2B company to a consumer-oriented brand. In the process, we created a new competitive arena – mobile living – where they could market their solutions for a life on the move. The brand’s irresistible promise – Mobile Living Made Easy – resonated with lovers of freedom and adventure worldwide.

In a close partnership with our client, we re-branded a majority of all global brand touchpoints, including the consolidation of more than 60 websites into one global website. We also developed a new global packaging concept and system for more than 2000 products. Furthermore, we created a more effective collateral concept, point of sales material, a global communication concept and a social media strategy to help spread the new brand’s story.
”We developed a brand that gave us a common mission for the whole company. A mission that clearly sets out the direction of our future development and offering to the market. The changes we carried out were extensive. We are now a more modern and inspiring company. The feedback, both internally and externally, has been unanimously positive.”

— Peter Kjellberg, CMO Dometic

Following the initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm, Dometic was one of the most traded stocks.

At its core, every Dometic product is made to provide reliable performance in demanding environments. That means the brand isn’t restricted to the outdoors, but could just easily be used in the home or in professional applications. To support growth, we created a sub-brand strategy. For the growing number of consumers who would like to use Dometic products at home, there is now Dometic Home – which offers products like wine refrigerators, mobile bars and outdoor kitchens. Dometic Professional is where B2B customers in the hospitality, commercial vehicles, transportation and healthcare segments will find what they’re looking for. 

Visually, the house font works as our point of connection. For Dometic Home, we went for simple elegance to reflect premium quality. And for Dometic Professional, bold italics express forward-looking and efficiency.