My Destiny, My Choice

A safe space for women to choose

In China, there is a chauvinistic trend on social media called 好嫁风 or ‘good for marriage’. Since there is a common notion of men 'marrying down', the term encourages women to diminish themselves so they are not too smart, too ambitious, or too successful for the average Chinese man. In a country where marriage pressure is immense, the term reinforced stereotypes of a woman’s only value being her ability to get married.

My Destiny, My Choice is the skincare industry's first interactive movie, one that stars you, the viewer, as you navigate important life choices that women in China face today. Starring award-winning actress Zhang Zifeng as your best friend, you could navigate through twelve story paths and over 1 hour of playable content that covered life’s most important decisions. You could choose to either be ‘good for marriage’ or stay true to yourself. Every choice allowed women to defy traditional marriage pressures and write their own narrative.



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