All about numbers

Getting more done with less stress

Financial technology is revolutionizing not only the global economy but also how and where we pay for goods and services. Following a merger with Norway’s KDR and Finnish company FinnPos, OPEN went from the leading Swedish payment solutions provider to number one in the Nordics.

OPEN operates in a high-pressure sector – stores, eateries, events – where many people labor under constant stress. But we discovered that organizations with effective health and productivity programs reported higher revenue per employee, less employee absence and greater shareholder returns. It sounds like a given, but in order to promote health and boost efficiency, stress relief is essential. We decided to call this Motivational performance™, designing the OPEN brand around the expression of positive energy and joy in a fast-paced environment.

To plan, perform and grow your business comes down to controlling those numbers.

Motivational performance™ is all about numbers – statistics, transactions and time. To plan, perform and grow your business comes down to controlling those numbers. We then realized that by visually playing with the 0, 9, 3 and 2, we could spell OPEN and create a logotype with a distinctive personality. The bespoke typeface could then be used for branding numbers and statistics – neatly tying the whole identity together.

Positive energy in a fast-paced environment.