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If you’re looking for colossal, iconic monuments, Sweden is not your place. But we do have something that few countries can compete with: The Swedish Freedom to Roam. A right protected by the law, that allows us to walk, eat and sleep pretty much anywhere in nature. You can even put up your tent on private property, as long as you don’t disturb the owner or
the environment. With The Freedom to Roam, you get access to the entire country – so we listed it on AirBnb.

In collaboration with AirBnb, we described all the things that are included when you book your trip to Sweden. The infinity pools (our 10.000 lakes), the pantry (wild berries and mushrooms in the forests) and the ocean view (our long coasts).

The campaign was covered by media all over the world, with publishers like Forbes, TIME, USA Today. New York Post and Mashable. Online conversation increased with 2346 %.

Campaign summary

By collaborating with AirBnb and using their platform, we could showcase our beautiful nature in a new and entertaining way. And at the same time shine a light on one of our biggest prides: The Freedom to Roam.


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