Visit Sweden

Sweden / Switzerland

Advertising through diplomacy

This campaign builds on a slightly embarrassing phenomenon: that people have a hard time keeping Sweden and Switzerland apart. Some even think that we are the same country. In the fall of 2023, we decided it was time to end the confusion once and for all, and at the same time show some of the wonderful things Sweden has to offer.

The film, directed straight to the Swiss officials, was posted on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter with several Swiss instances tagged. It was also part of the global press kit, together with the results from our study, showing just how widespread this confusion is. The film ended with an ask to the Swiss officials: to sign the contract that would make our countries
more distinct.

The contract presented to the Swiss officials.

The contract presented to the Swiss officials.

In social, we educated the world, and kept poking Switzerland with short videos. Everything pointed towards, where you could learn more about Sweden (not Switzerland). The Swiss officials could download the agreement and visitors could engage, by trying to affect the actual contract.

Campaign summary

By targeting only a handful of people, we created a story that got global impact. Marketing of a different nature, for a destination of a different nature.

The campaign was a huge success in all aspects. It was covered by media in 45 countries, with more than 1.000 articles published. The engagement in social was record high for a Visit Sweden campaign, with 4500+ comments on Youtube, reaction videos and multiple video responses. Even ambassadors responded with personal videos! At, the average dwell time was 10 min, exceeding all goals and benchmarks. And, last but not least, 89 % became more interested in visiting Sweden.


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