Aura Freedom

The Body Bag For Her

Creating awareness of Canada’s femicide epidemic.

Women are killed every other day in Canada, most often by a man they know and solely because they are women, yet we still classify their death as a homicide. Because of a lack of awareness, there’s also a lack of cultural pressure and government action.

The bag women in Canada are dying for.

Whether deodorant, razors, or even pens, so much of the way products are sold to women is through gendering. But when women are murdered, we choose not to acknowledge their gender. We refer to it as a homicide; even though their gender is the very reason they’re being killed.

To get Canadians to see the widespread issue of femicide, we flipped these gendered marketing tropes on their head by creating the world’s first Body Bag For Her. In traditional pink, with design flairs ‘for women’, the body bag is a symbol of the national emergency and demands the attention of all Canadians.

Launched with a :60 second commercial, a robust OOH program, and an installation in downtown Toronto, all assets drove viewers to a landing page which housed a petition urging the Government of Canada to declare femicide a national emergency.

To further amplify this important message, our client wasinvited to appear on the Canadian daytime talk show The Social, and The Body Bag For Her was introduced to Mayor Olivia Chow and the Toronto City Council by Councillor Lily Cheng.

Campaign summary

To raise awareness of femicide in Canada and pressure the government to start discussing solutions, we flipped common gendered marketing tropes and created the world’s first Body Bag For Her, a powerful symbol of this national emergency that demands attention.


Because of The Body Bag For Her, Aura Freedom has sparked a global conversation about femicide, garnered action from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and experienced an increase in funding, with some donors doubling their donations.

  • 54 million+ organic impressions, 170 million+ overall impressions.
  • The petition has collected 264% of the desired signatures and is still climbing daily