The Chocolate Bar

Reinventing a classic

For years, Baileys has been a classic and cozy drink enjoyed mostly during the holidays. To breakthrough the crowded spirits landscape and reach a new, younger consumer in the United States, the iconic brand created their first permanent addition to the family in 50 years: a chocolate liqueur made with real Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate like never before

Who better to introduce the world to Baileys Chocolate and show off its possibilities than the King of Chocolate himself?
We partnered with legendary chocolatier Amaury Guichon to create a huge product launch.

Famous worldwide for his extravagant chocolate sculptures, Chef Guichon is one of the most followed food influencers on social media. With millions of followers and views, we knew this cultural force would connect with our target audience.

So, we asked him to build us a chocolate bar.

He captured the entire process, creating a true bartender’s bar complete with marble counter, bar tools, garnishes and even bar stools. All 100% made from rich Belgian chocolate.

Once the bar was created, we built a world around it.

The launch film follows Chef Guichon at the bar crafting our hero cocktail, the chocolate martini, with the ultimate twist: the bar, bar tools, garnishes, and even the Baileys bottle made entirely from chocolate. And they’re all entirely delicious.

We then brought this world into the real world with 3-D OOH units.

These ultra-sensorial out-of-house placements mesmerized passersby in New York’s Herald Square and Downtown Los Angeles while showcasing the lusciousness of Baileys Chocolate.

Campaign summary

The Chocolate Bar broke through the cluttered cultural landscape in the U.S. market to become a viral hit that made Baileys relevant with an entirely new audience.