The Flow

From friction to flow, all thanks to Gojek

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform.

To launch their ride hailing and food delivery services into a number of new markets in South East Asia, we wanted to create a visual metaphor that represents what you can expect from Gojek's services. The campaign demonstrates how Gojek aims to remove everyday frictions and obstacles to bring more people, more flow in daily life – more days where everything just works.

Building on this, a city was created – a place where everything just flows – representing everything customers can expect from Gojek. It’s a stylised world where cars, people, motorbikes and others can seamlessly co-exist and take all the chaos out of your life. At the centre of it all is a grand a performance where people, motorcycles and cars come together in an unbelievable, coordinated stunt of an epic scale. The set took 10 days to complete and the production of the campaign film involved 25 cars, 15 motorbikes and as many stunt drivers, looping the giant motordrome 75 times.


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