The Secret Key House

Unlock SK-II's biggest secrets

For years, SK-II's PITERA™ has remained elusive to many. Until now. Together with SK-II, we created The Secret Key House, an exclusive outdoor spectacle right in the heart of the uber trendy district of Harajuku, Tokyo.

The Secret Key House features a myriad of rooms, each crafted to reveal the secret behind SK-II, starting from the origins of its name 'SK', which stands for Secret Key. It is an immersive treasure hunt that has visitors discovering hidden doors, walking into a liquid room, and watching the seasons change on a giant 3D face. The 6-day ticketed event played host to the who's who of both Japan and China, including Tang Wei, Haruka Ayase and Alice in Borderland's breakout star Ayaka Miyoshi.  

Campaign Summary

SK-II Unveils The Secret Key House in Harajuku, Tokyo, revealing the mysteries of PITERA™ - Celebrated by influential guests and celebrities across Japan and China