This is How We Do It

Turning Trojan's iconic logo into a guide to experimentation

Trojan has proudly supported Toronto and Montreal Pride for over two decades and counting, celebrating great sex for everyone. In 2023, Trojan took inspiration from the iconic song “This is How We Do It”, inspiring our community to embrace their unique ways of “doing it” while ensuring Trojan is there to enhance every experience.

A campaign that hit the spot.

We turned the iconic Trojan logo into a versatile symbol, showcasing the limitless possibilities for great sex. Then, we created a deck of cards with 52 separate sex positions specific to each key market that we handed out during Pride Weekend celebrations. Paired with a dynamic footprint truck and float, our partners at Brand Momentum brought the “TIHWDI” vision to life on a grand scale.

The Trojan Pride truck’s three themed rooms helped our community experience their best Pride: a glam room for dream make-up, an interactive screen to build their own positions card deck, and a 360° video platform to capture the moment

Everyone who got a taste of the “TIHWDI” experience loved it and cherished being able to take home a memento of their Pride 2023. Trojan was able to connect with local Canadian LGBTQ+ communities both authentically and inclusively and was able to honor its twenty year partnership with Toronto and Montreal Pride in a fresh and unique way.

Campaign summary

By connecting with one of our main targets in an authentic way for Trojan, we aimed to enhance the Pride experience in an inclusive way.