Trojan & Chill

The only movie made to not be watched

The pandemic put a pause on people’s sex lives. With bars and restaurants closed, the only date spots left were our own couches for Netflix&Chill—a coded invite to come over and have sex. But by a few months in, we’d exhausted our watch lists and a Hollywood shutdown meant there was nothing coming to fill the queue.

People were out of films to hook up to.

The only movie made to not be watched

Who better to create a utility for people to get together and hook up to than the world’s most famous condom brand, Trojan? Enter Trojan&Chill, the first-ever feature-length film designed not to be watched.

We created a 45-minute film with nothing but credits. No distracting action, no story to follow, just an audio track and perfect lighting to get you and your partner in the mood.

The film ran on late-night television, Youtube, and AmazonPrime to ensure people were only a click away from the Trojan Amazon store.

A film with nothing to distract you from the real action.

What's a film without promotion and reviews?

The scariest place in the world—the comments section—became a mining ground for rave reviews. We turned the best ones into banners and social content, redirecting even more people back to the movie.

A blockbuster hit

During a time of decline, we reversed the sales trend and grew the business 8% during the campaign period. Viewers loved it, with 97% positive sentiment across all socials.

Campaign summary

The first ever feature-length film designed to not be watched sparked sales and positive sentiment for  Trojan during the Covid-19 pandemic.


An 8% increase in sales in a declining category during the campaign period.