How we put
more people
in fewer cars


We have all been there. Stuck in traffic, desperately looking for parking, frustrated and angry for wasting time. The congestion is particularly evident in Asia's largest cities. Here, Uber Asia could make a difference by putting more people in fewer cars.

To draw attention to the congestion challenge and present the idea of ride-sharing, we wanted to start a conversation about the absurdity of traffic. And – by doing so – boost the somewhat tarnished brand that Uber had in 2017 (due to political statements from the founder and the fear of competition from big taxi corporations around the world).

Photos from behind the scenes. And yes, we used real cardboard boxes. A lot of them.

We combined the film with a print and PR campaign presenting facts about the traffic situation. And then we arranged conferences in seven of Asia’s most prominent cities where politicians, companies and media discussed the issue and solutions (of which “more people in fewer cars” was one).

The campaign increased brand awareness in Southeast Asia by 46%.

It started a conversation from the highest political level to the people on the street. And it significantly improved Uber's reputation.


Brand consideration: +10%
Brand awareness: +46%
115 million views and 1,6 million engagements
+ 500 articles and TV reports
31 million USD in earned media

Received awards

Epica: 3 x gold
Cannes Lions: 1 x bronze
Eurobest: 1 x bronze
AD Stars: 1 x silver, 1 x bronze
The Golden Egg: 1 x gold & 1 x silver