Vaccination Rides

How a ride-hailing company helped an entire country get vaccinated

Gojek's services are all about making people's lives better, easier and smoother. And there hadn't been anything in our lives that caused as much friction as COVID-19.

So when commuting to and from vaccination centers turned out to be a barrier for many Singaporeans, Gojek decided to step in, offering free rides for anyone and everyone to get their jabs in safety.

Singapore rolled out its vaccination efforts in early 2021. But by May, only 27% of the population had gotten a shot. With 81% of Singaporeans relying on public transportation to get to their jabs, and fear of contagion rampant, travel was a clear barrier to vaccination.

In true startup fashion, it was in the problem that we found an opportunity: To prove to an entire country that Gojek is the ride-hailing company they can trust to always be there for them.

Working closely with Gojek, we pivoted $12 million worth of the communication budget into free rides for anyone going to and from vaccination centers. From anywhere in the country to any hospital, clinic or community center that administered a COVID vaccine shot. No catch, no fine print. Free.

The initiative was launched on May 27th, through a PR effort with major media outlets in Singapore – TODAY, Mediacorp, The Straits Times and CNA. In the following three months months, we kept interest going with a campaign spanning social media, CRM and even in-app notifications. Then, to engage younger audiences around our vaccination effort, we released the Gojek One-Sleevie, the perfect t-shirt to get your shot: a tee with a single sleeve.

Vaccination Rides quickly became a topic of conversation in the news, but also in closer circles amongst friends and family. People were quick to share tutorial videos on how to book the rides on social media.

Results: 1 in 5 Singaporeans took a Gojek to their vaccination appointments

Vaccination Rides became Gojek’s most successful campaign in Singapore to date.

Not only did it play a part in taking the country from a 31% to an 80% vaccination rate, it also helped Gojek become the #1 most downloaded app in both Android and iOS stores, increasing app usage by 70% and doubling the company’s market share in the country.

Campaign insight

This campaign reminds us that actions speak louder than words. And that when brands stand by their purpose in a meaningful way, everyone stands to win: company, people and society.



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