A Love Story


Fuel efficiency and driving pleasure are seen as two opposites among truck drivers. Simply put, you can't have both. But in this whimsical story of two trucks falling in love, fun and fuel efficiency are no longer an impossible match.

“The challenge this time was to highlight multiple product features while also showing that fun and efficiency can indeed be combined. What is the best way to showcase efficient hill climbing and improved aerodynamics if not by having two lovesick trucks cresting a ridiculously steep hill and taking off into the clouds?” says Karolina Groop, Creative at Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg. 

“We always strive to do category-breaking work in a new and entertaining way and the creative solution this time fits both the product and the times we live in. Isn’t a little love what the world needs right now?” Agneta Malmcrona, Marketing Communications Manager Volvo Trucks

“The hardest part of the shoot was managing the actors. Attraction is not something you can force and since it was the first time the trucks met, we didn’t know if they would hit it off or if there would just be awkward silence. Luckily, it was love at first sight and as far as we know they are still a thing”, says Lars Jansson, Creative at Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg.

The film was shot in Croatia and used drivers from the award-winning “Live Test” series, whose best-known installment is 2013’s “The Epic Split” starring Jean Claude van Damme. 

The campaign was recently featured in AdWeek.

And also in AdAge.

Published 16.11.2022